Who are we?

A culturally diverse investment community in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector; our member-based proprietary platform focuses on education, business consulting, market research and community vetted deal flow.

Why do we do it?

The past decade has showcased the growing demand and underserved needs of consumers in a rapidly growing digital world. We recognize the need to facilitate global growth by understanding investment opportunities, forming future-proof business/token models, and collaboratively innovating to create current and future tokenomic value.

We provide networking and educational opportunities for new and seasoned investors; offer services including mining cryptocurrency, vetting secure and legitimate leading-edge coin and token projects, and providing tax support with prominent and longstanding IRA firms. Our long-time and doxxed members can participate in exclusive presales of leading token projects through our partnerships.

How do we do it?

Our Vision

To mature the global blockchain-agnostic DeFi market by leveraging community vetted deal-flow, strategic partners, and community education.

To cultivate a global 'melting pot' community for our strategic initiatives, smart capital, women’s empowerment, advocacy, and social equity, to flourish through shared visions.

To collaborate in thought leadership in the greater cryptocurrency sector.

Our Mission

Decentralized finance (DeFi) offers a medium for funding opportunities globally including economically disadvantaged second- and third-world countries where variables such as capital structure, corruption, political orientation, and educational lag continue to stifle the funding of modern global innovation.

Although in its infancy, the global DeFi market is maturing rapidly and setting the stage to unlock tremendous value and accelerate global GDP for decades to come. Countries and bleeding-edge firms looking to tap the global value shift will create and facilitate coin/token intersections with products and services to display and exponentiate their intrinsic value.



We are stronger together and this strength allows the community to grow and expand their abilities, raise their professional profile, and personal network.

Our culture provides a medium of knowledge exchange for individuals to release their creative ideas and increase their sense of belonging.



Through trials, we have bonded together stronger and more closely. Every obstacle has been met and exceeded, compounding our community’s momentum.



Our partners, core team, and deal flow committee met in an emerging space, and only through vetting each other have we formalized our bond and amplified our impact through a permissionless social structure.



The DeFi Angels are passionate about building community, creating generational wealth, and cultivating a space that allows members to reach their potential.



We are all human and make mistakes, but we are persistent and learn quickly as a community to move forward.

Our Community Values

Suszy P.

"The Defi Angels have been amazing for me. They’ve given me a safe space to grow in knowledge about investing in different cryptocurrencies, all the while becoming family to me. I treasure every one of the relationships I’ve developed since becoming a member of the Angels."

Riley S.

"In a new world of knowledge, sharing, and friendship, people care for each other and can help at any time. As we are spread across the globe, there is always someone available when needed."

Jean-Paul S.

"Landing in this group made me avoid countless rugs; in fact, I didn’t feel in any sense I joined; the information they provided me helped a lot in my due diligence, I know how to choose carefully where I invest, spot the signs of malicious practices and when to / exit from a token."